AutoLights – FAQ

If your answer is not listed below, please use the support form of the Chrome Webstore.

I don’t see any shows listed on the “Options”-page

Make sure you have a section created in Plex using the type “TV – Shows”. AutoLights checks for this type and lists all shows within this type of sections.

Not all my Hue light scenes are listed on the “Options”-page, why?

The Hue Bridge caches all used light scenes. If you haven’t recently used the scene you want to select, changes are it is not listed. To solve this, select the scene using the Philips Hue app. Reload the “Options”-page and your scene should now be available.

Does AutoLights support multiple Plex Users?

AutoLights is not tested with multiple Plex Users. In theory it conflicts and doesn’t work if multiple users are playing media using the same rules. It’s on the TODO-list.

Can I disable the monitoring on my Plex play status?

Yes. By clicking the icon of the extension in your address bar. The icon will change from a green glow to grey. To reactivate, toggle the icon again.

Can I set a specific Hue light scene for a specific movie?

No, this is not supported. Only a default scene for movies can be configured.

I found a bug or have a suggestion to improve the extension. What to I do?

Please fill in the support form in the Chrome Webstore. The goal is to try and fix or add this.

My platform is not listed under “Platform”

Let me know witch platform is listed under the page http://localhost:32400/status/sessions while playing media on the support page.

What are the Chrome Extension permissions for

Read and change data on websites you visit: It mostly reads data from your localhost Plex installation. Also statistics are measured with an external site. It doesn’t do anything else.

Detect your physical location: With the use of the location latitude and longitude of your device, the sunset and sundown are calculated. This way, Hue scenes are only activated when it’s dark outside. In the future it will be possible to override this functionality.

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