AutoLights for Hue & Plex

Have a Plex Media Server and Chrome installed on the same computer and also have some Hue Lights in your living room? Good news! you can now connect them to each other. AutoLights for Hue / Plex connects Plex Series to your own created Hue light scenes.

You can configure rules to activate a Hue Scene when watching a specific Show. When pausing or stop watching, other default Hue Scenes can be activated.

How does AutoLights works

AutoLight retrieves all shows that are listed in the “TV Shows” section from you Plex Media Server. It also retrieves all cached scenes from your Hue Bridge. These two lists can be connected to each other in “rules”.

Some example rules:

  • Activate Hue light scene “A” when show “B” is playing on “Chromecast”
  • Activate Hue light scene “B” when pausing whatever was playing on “Android”

When no rules apply to a show, a default show scene can be activated.

Configuration and Setup  for AutoLights

First of all, you need both Plex Media Server and Chrome installed on the same computer.

  • Install Plex Media Server
  • For now, Plex must run on “localhost” and the default port “32400”.
  • Make sure you have a section with the type “TV – Shows” or “Movies”
  • Install the AutoLights for Hue & Plex extension in Chrome.
  • After installation, right-click on the icon and go to the “Options”-page
  • You will be prompted to connected to your Hue Bridge. Push the “link-button”.
  • The “Options”-page will now show you all your Plex Series and Hue light scenes, you can link them together by selecting the desired options. In order to set a default scene for shows or movies: select the type and let the “Serie” selection at the option “-“.
  • At the bottom you can see the list of all created rules. You can click on them to remove them.

That’s all. Now play some media and enjoy watching…

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